What&039;s Going On Here? Civ 6 Deity Babylon & Heroes and Legends Update Part 5 Marbozir

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Bonny J... you maybe should have made an encampement and armory to rush Musketmen. you would have gotten real hardcore Blitzcrieg like strenght taking down cities, i think you need to be more liberal on the domination aspect of this civ, cuz is clear this one can stomp on other if you rush some absurd unit on the first 100 turns.
Bonny J... 11:30 Canada's Warrior Core , the IA and it's shenannigangs.
Telis B... Tradition observed.
turtle2... 14:43 You already have tiles with wine, Marbs. East of Karkar and by the end of the episode, North of Babylon. Karkar's wine is pillaged due to drought and Babylon's wine is a recent acquired tile.
Unb UnB... whats going on here, said the algorithm... well, we've denounced you!
DamienJ... I hope you go after Rio.
Julia H... It's interesting to see a campaign without direct min-maxing. Everybody else seems to be playing specific tech rushes, while you're just cruising along. A rough ride, but an interesting one.
t_xxic ... This is a traditional comment to denounce the YouTube algorithm
Grey Jo... Just in case you hadn't realized, you can teleport your heroes between cities like great people ?
YouGo D... Terrible decisions have been made throughout this game...
Krishna... Please, please, please, rename your vampires. >.<
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