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Jack He... Bro what about when he died?!
tyquan ... ? vs romulan
BILL MU... Stan Lee is a Watcher now.
Rest In Power.
Eveline... Are They Some Kind like an Angel!!! ??? They always Watch Everything ???
Vicky S... Hi
LeggoMa... Uatu watch her
vishara... Uatu, Kind Sir, I know you're still watching us. Please maintain your Empathy as you always have. Thank You for your Service. ?
Conner_... Isn’t he dead or did they bring him back? Died in Original Sin by Nick Fury
Darksta... Is Uatu still dead or nah?
T Wavy... Ok marvel on the behalf on all ur fans change the actor for captain marvel no1 likes Brie she’s arrogant and a liar
Ira For... Interesting character.
Shakeel... the thumbnail I thought it was One-punch man...
Star Lo... it was great to finally see a glimpse of him in Gaurdians Vol.2
trex ad... Can you do a Marvel 101 video of Jessica Drew Spider-Woman along with Tryco Slatterus the champion of the universe and Annihilus?
trex ad... What do you think is the best thing about Uatu the Watcher? What would happen if he didn't bother to warn earth about all the coming threats like Galactus?
trex ad... Do you think we will see Uatu the Watcher in the MCU? Do you think he was one of the Watchers we saw alongside Stan Lee in Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2?
ARNAV B... Haaa.....he was such a good the comic world we often see good turn to bad but this was not the case with him. I was feeling sweet vibes by just watching this
Ramesh ... “Maturity is when u realise Marvel is marvel”
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