Mordekaiser R 2000 HEALS! Omnivamp Interaction! Vandiril

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lokanan... Don't bring your pet to another dimension
Zigouti... If shaco put a box and then qss, what happens?
IntelXe... Lots of recent contents i must say..
can we have one shots?
CP Chri... Does this work with Urgots Ult execution?
sansati... Well if daisy only had 14 hp morde wouldn't heal so much
Bruno E... 1:14
I always knew that Flash heals!
dzonkon... 69
Fr SoYa... Is it working with elise spiders?
NOphion... Quick someone call Mid Mordekaiser, the healing came back!
Gabriel... Wu clone?
Sandor ... And meanwhile, Hashinshin said that buying Gunblade on Morde is "a good way to troll your team" (when he was playing him last year, and someone from his chat recommended it).
SPOVI... zyra
Gnar Th... is this on PBE or in normal league of legends?
Grundig... zyra plants?
moharex... what abot this but also with sylas
DeFlyge... Well it makes sense, they stay in the death realm, thus they die
Polo LG... Take supp item instead og droans next time ! For heal boosts !
Skye Az... No wonder i had a dream of morderkaiser bugs
Yong -Z... Is it only deal 99999 absolut dmg or just end the duration? But the second one wouldn't heal you..... So sometging like 99999 absolut dmg?
Vandiril ciekawostki

Vandiril ciekawostki

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