Forza Horizon 4 2058 Quadra Cyberpunk 2077 Turbo R V TECH Gameplay Xbox Series X 4K 60FPS MotoGamesTV

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Xbox fa... playstation boys crying deep down inside ahaha
Creper ... The sound is the same in cyberpunk, good job.
ES Play... ??
Vasco B... V, Master Chief and Noctis in a Street Race?
Amir Ta... Nice car and take great care of this car.
Rapidsh... vtech but it ain't no Honda though!
MJY5 TH... But no one believed me when I said Cyberpunk was in the game
LUKIII_... there will be cumbostion engines in 2077 - thank god ?
John Mc... Looks like Futuristic De tomaso Pantera+Viper V10 engine but the car verry cool❤️?
GunnerK... @MotoGamesTV just to tell u that gt sport christmas music update is coming soon in about 10 days.
Yogi Mu... Sounds like viper gts
Ahmad G... Rumor has it the Series X users are still unable to join a session
Marco F... another sound duplicate... low reving audi r8 sound :(
LUCA 05... The regalia from final fantasy and this are good combo
SebiX... Meh... I kinda hoped that it would take more effort to get it, and not just a street race. Still a cool car tho

Cały czas czekam na jakikolwiek pojazd z FSO
GuyWhoL... Secretly has a V-TEC in it
iCoolax... Well, that was unexpected.