Hyundai i20 2021 Sensuous Sportiness ENG Test Drive and Review Marek Drives

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D O... Always look forward to Friday... Yes, a new Marek review. Thanks..
Nordlan... 3 cylinder? spocibo ne magu... Hybrid version can check maybe
Peter R... not a fan at all of small 3 cylinder turbo petrol engines. the fuel economy is terrible since you use boost more frequently, and the turbo lag is really annoying. This is the reason i chose to buy mazda with its skyactiv 4 cylinder engine. far superior economy regardless of how you drive it, loves to be revved and sounds happier at low rpm. prefer to downshift in the mazda than to wait for the dreaded turbo to kick in ?
Victor ... plz do the new sandero hatchback
george ... I really dont know how you managed to burn 6.0 liters / 100 khms, maybe you drove uphills one way, but in my first trip total of 1000 kms, 500 to go and 500 to come with 100 - 120 kms, i burned 4.8 km/hour. As far as performance is concerning, if you measure ford focus with 100ps , you will see that its way slower and even the 125 mhev is a little faster than the 100ps hyundai.
By the way, i saw no comments concerning how it drives, corners, dumpering, etc
stj9199... Will you get the new Dacia Sandero or Logan in Poland? It would be nice to hear your opinion about it in comparison to the i20.
This i20 although more expensive looks better inside and out. ?
Boris K... Marek, strange hair at 5:49. Which product do you use :) . Thank for the review!
MORY ks... The design is gorgeous ??
Aleksej... i kinda liked the old i20 better
Tom... Fresh blood in supermini class,but what is with these cars today...Lot of money for decent trim or you get bargain with social help look.
Hell Ho... Hyundai have certainly got the styling right. It's going to sell well I think. Very good review as usual Marek, keep it up. Now pass the beers. Skol ;-)>
Chef Br... I couldn t wait for the I20 review! Great review and great car also ! Keep it up!
Mike UK... Stary ladniejszy, ale kwestia gustu
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