Bowling Deer Wood Division Adventures 236 Kshaway

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Trbltrt... Thats why i couldn’t find you channel when i looked for it!!
Veselar... That Malph and Yi - I was happy, that they lost.
Tori In... Love you and glad to see you back. 2021 will be your year... I think. Don't quote me on that.
JCteach... 7:47 is a true representation of the game right now
Ecom Fr... I knew u were Polak kurwa 0:01
Antigel... Just hit the nexus
AyyZee... wtf happened to ur channel mate? i was really sad .. your content gets me thru some rough times
rogalop... polska husaria
Fighter... S
Quacky... WELCOME BA CK!
pedrofo... Merry Xmas!
Chad Le... Rip cathie wood just trying to get some free promotion
Psyborg... I subbed back as soon as i see your new video recommended
Luna Wo... For me yours is the Best YouTube Chanel abaut LOL, i'm glad of you can overpass all that shit
TheGrey... Welcome Back!
MegaTan... 5:19 In Soviet Rift, jungle clears you!
PassThe... Look at my inbox to see some old chick trying to steal my bitcoins with a livestream was very confusing
Stop Ar... What a way to celebrate 1 million subscribers... really happy you got your channel back!
Alan Ke... 5:40 when Xayah was AFK she was more useful
Kshaway ciekawostki

Kshaway ciekawostki

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