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Álvaro... Our first World Cup, simply unforgettable
Richy G... ??????
Cloee S... Will never forget... ? Andrés Iniesta will forever be my favourite!!
Leonard... Ojalá y se pudiera tener el Soccer City en el PES o en el FIFA
Franchi... Time fly!?
Robert ... SUARÉZ=MR HANDBALL ⚽?✋?
joker a... ??????? VS ??,
About Lampard's goal which was not approved by the referee.
Isabel ... In SOCCER CITY STADIUM SOCCER CITY South Africa National Football Team Happy 95th Anniversary METRO GWAPO Ni Chairman Bayani Fernando TV Special
gqn2... Suarez was the best keeper of the game.
Vivek J... Ghanaians always remember the World Cup ?
Asamoah gyan

Hate suaraex
Dapur S... Suarez's reaction after Gyan's penalty was disgusting !!!
Meghna ... 0 . 50 me in fifa
thereal... And I am proud..because when I's the first thing I see through the window⚡?
Oliver ... The Best FIFA WORLD CUP ever. Change my mind
Héctor... Lo que mas me emociono fue la atajada de Iker Casillas...
Oskars ... it seems it was yesterday ??
FIFATV... ?? What was your favourite moment of South Africa 2010?
Neroj S... Refreshing my childhood memories... what a world cup it was...
Papolin... Did anyone think the picture of the stadium at first was a steak ???
Inspire... Most memorable thing about WC2010 was the ball "Jabulani" ? caused havoc for everyone
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