QUICK CHANGE Magician SHOCKS Judges on Stage! | Magicians Got Talent Magician's Got Talent

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50EE13kTaWI

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ally... Good performance and execution but easy when ya know how it's done it's not magic its trickery ?
Subodh ... Simply WOW. She stunned me even at 0.25 slow motion. Well done lady. Extremely well done.
Matthew... She actually fooled Penn and Teller with this act--search it up, it's absolutely incredible.
light s... SO, The story of " THEM " living among " us " is true!
Ernest ... if only my wife would do that we are in a rush to get out of the house...
Varnium... Best all time quick change magic in the world!!
•Pink... I guess this is how tiktokers do transitions
Moon St... This is amazing
Omkar S... Amazing performance best of luck
•Just... I feel like Ik how they did it but the same time not... This is just amazing
???? ??... ??????????????
D.J. Co... That. Is. Mind Exploding. Wow. She is giving a lot of classic magicians a run for there money. Holy smokes that is impressive
Sandra ... OMG!!! How is she doing that?
Anganba... Unbelievable
Ay Sha... She just shocked ? everyone
SRIRANV... Superb
Ay Sha... Any BTS army here ????????????
Bibiana... WOW ?
VFX ???... ْ??
Bengali... অ সাধারণ