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Kikimor... They're all really well crafted! Noticed some different animations in there as well, so I do appreciate some variety! Though, the classic double barrel has me reeling with how weak sounding it is and the left handed pump shotgun ejecting from the right..

But otherwise, I do think these are some nice animations!

Correcting myself. The shotgun has an open shotgun on both sides, making it ambi. Well that excuses that.
Scott H... Say whatever you want about the game but the animation and weapon design are top notch
Jenncer... This weapons is a shit
Deep Ba... Forgot cyberpunk had guns, been on the cars
Ash Ben... Some weapons have 3-4 reload animations too
Orcane ... I like how the d5s resemble the Titanfall rifle which isn’t bad since is really liked it’s designe
Macmann... Finally you have no idea how many searches I went through just to get it my recommended
RAEL DR... Next time show the meles and the cyberwere
???????... I'm a Japanese
Yukimura, Tamayura, Kenshin, Shigure, Masamune, Side, and Nekomata are thought to be based on Japanese.
By the way, "Yukimura" is used in the last name
Tamayura" means for a while, etc.
"Kenshin" seems to mean a sword
Kenshin has many meanings, so it may be wrong.
"Shigure" means light rain from autumn to winter
"Masamune" is used in names and last names
Probably based on a sword named Masamune
Finally, "Nekomata" seems to be based on the name of a Japanese youkai.

Thank you for reading this far
I'm using a translator so I think it's wrong
chaz FP... 3:06 when you find a toy gun with no moving parts but pretend to reload it anyway ?
max sta... 3:07 bug >:0
angger ... So....yukimura pistol is a P90 but smaller??
AJ Styl... Tbh it still couldnt beat cod mw shooting and reloading animation
DueLex?... 3:05 hmm yes loading A I R
Deshawn... 2:04 Best pistol animation ever. I love the G-58 but that's a close second.
brandon... Yukimura= p90 pistol
Deshawn... 4:12 WOW! <3 This is gun porn.
Jose Fe... 2:56 bruh ? best reload invisible mags
Deshawn... The gun designs in this game are something Fallout can only dream of. These animations are better than in most FPS games. No lie.


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