Tryndamere Ult vs Season 11 Vandiril

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Sykray... I don't see any problem here, trynd doesn't require skill and was stupidly broken last season without nerfs lmao. Learn how to play good champs kids
Sebas L... Season 11, everyone can do true damage, tanks tank too much or don't tank at all, mages can instashot anything that isn't a tank, Thunder Pyke can get killed by anything and doesn't do damage mid-game like before(but if he survives to late game and get all 6 itens then he can finally do something).
But hey, did you seen the new skins?
WatDogP... small indie company
Rama... Rito no funca el trynda
Capitan... i think the visible ward bug is still in the game, last game i could permanently see all wards placed by the enemy lee sin after he jumped on them
Blaze i... I swear that song isn't well played
Epezzu... Trynda finally getting the nerf he needs! Now I can climb to the bronze!
jbamyam... He hit the cannon minion at the beginning:0
Minh Nh... Undying thing cant be killed-
Riot: Yeah maybe...
Minjun ... dying rage
Lag00n... when people when complaining aboutTryndamere's brain dead ss
Pariseo... Tynda's r is just his death sound
Wilson ... Awesome ?? ??♥️❤️
tukang ... this tryndamere is too much watching anime
gum dro... I like these short videos so I can have a good laugh and get right back to work :)
stedele... Tryndamere uses R; I AM IMMORTAL
Enemy champion: Are you sure about that?
Andrew ... Does abysmal works as well? Or only horizon?
UndeadS... just kill him lol
2ddude9... everyone was saying that the new item change would bring so much more diversity and experimenting but it actually just killed all my favorite champs =/
Viktor ... dont worry, just like any other charcater he has 6 passives to deal with that issue
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Vandiril ciekawostki

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