Humankind Lucy Opendev Gameplay Marbozir

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Normona... I'm liking this a lot
William... This game is promising.
SH4RK... Does anyone one know if this is coming to consoles?
Foksuh... You might be a few days 'late' to the party but also the one many of us waited to make a vid on this! The game looks real interesting, went onto my wishlist immediately.
lemonch... This looks significantly better than civ 6.
Kevin L... Please play more of this. I'm always interested in Amplitude Studios's games, and I'm curious to see how this holds up compared to Civ.
Julia H... Shame you didn't manage to be on top of this one. It got huge views in other channels. :/
Ana Mol... ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️?????
robert ... Would love to see some more of this!
TheOste... Very interesting game so far. Reminds of endless legend
Joe Hel... IT definitely makes me think of civ and endless legend had a kid.
sdfterf... Excited for this!
josh ba... it looked like producing units costs 1 population if that's true idk why but i really like that mechanic and think its cool as hell.
Stefan... This game looks amazing. I also like how it varies from Civ VI, enough to make the games completely different.
Drowned... Looking forward to more Humankind content! Good to see Civ get some healthy competition!
Thomas ... Glad you're running this opendev, saving the best for last ;)
Szepty... Great video like always ?
Tyler P... Gotta denounce the youtube algorithm. As always, loved the video!
Deka Me... I hope you will play more.
BigAl26... While it's very similar to Civ, it's also Just different enough to want More! Would like to see more of the Stirring Abyss too... Possibly??? LOL! ???