Christmas Special: LEGO 4002020 Employee Gift Set 2020 Unboxing & Speed Build Sariel's Bricks & Pets

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Boldizs... Merry Christmas everyone!
Scratch... 9:01 Reverse the motor!!
André ... Everyrhing good but wrong turn
TheWeb ... Oops! Got the train running backward!
Edward ... Bravo Mrs. Sariel :)
Krzyszt... Great set, but why do you crank it the wrong direction?
Dave... ?????
xXTytan... Merry Christmas!
InfoBlu... Is your hamster involved in stock trading??
Tell him to by The Tesla and Moderna stocks
osmanpa... Your wife building a tank tread out of this set and then putting presents on it was surprising) On this channel those pieces are mostly used for, well, tanks)
Merry Christmas!
Bernard... I love how you still upload videos for our entrentainment while the holidays. Merry Christmas
Warszta... Oh i love this set. Sadly i think i will never get it:(. Merry christmas
Alp E. ... This is some JK Brickworks stuff :)
Ádám ... Why does the train goes backward?
10k ohn... "10+"?

Lego hiring children?
Ernst B... Super set. How we can get it. Is it only for ambassadors of LEGO?

Merry Christmas to everyone! ???
Scrappy... I wish I was a Lego employee... Merry Christmas everyone!
???????... Thumbs up for your wife building too! Now hoping we'll one day get to see your son building along with you as well.
Also, in case this is your last video before Christmas: Merry Christmas to Sariel and family, and to everyone reading this comment!
craller... Wow so amazing ?
Jakob H... IT's Christmas time!???...merry Christmas to everyone and of course i Hope you also get new cool lego Sets... thank you for Every Video of you sariel they are great!