Project CARS 3 2020 Hennessey Venom F5 at Monza Gameplay Style Pack MotoGamesTV

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Matheus... Why would they add the concept version of the car? ??
doubleA... fully upgrade it and do a speedtest
GBalao8... The sudden acceleration makes you feel as if the Hennessey Venom F5 is about to take off like a rocket.
Luiz g7... Hello, from brasil ??
Marcelo... A física desse jogo é muito estranha,não vejo carros reais se comportando assim ?
Lord_Ni... Sounds great in both Chase and Cockpit/Helmet.
Car seems like a handful, which I love
Fanuel ... Hennessey name = tasty chocolate factory company
Spectre... damn still no tuatara ?
Musa Ma... pc becoming asphalt lmao
Ariel R... This is not a car, it's a demon with 4 Wheels.
Nicotin... Looks like Slightly Mad Studios gotta make a new update on this car
Street ... 1:34
na 7-8k obrotów coś dzwoni ._.
Mr.Ayal... 360p :(
Adjie P... Was this one the Concept ver? cause when i see the Top Gear One, The car Backside looks different

Edit : BTW, i like how the engine sounded on Chase Cam ?
Sam Fis... Third
Ferraz ... I Love you Channel bro.
From Brasil!