Udyr Breaker Stance Wood Division Adventures 237 Kshawaay

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux6x2Y8sxPs

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Larsagn... 7:20 thats not the same Jax :oooooo
Dendran... 3:23
Spot the Stand User
Zeck Ny... Wouldn't it be funny if that Zac had his passive on?
Tante c... 1:51
"They call it a suicide ... but not for me!"
- Amumu with the new tank items.
Paul Gi... Oh hey, Bruce U is back!
Offwhit... Watch my league of legends montage!
Shona... 1:55 pretty sure amumu killed yi
Moonflu... But... Jax was hitting the nexus, and still nothing(
JaysonS... Visual bug?
Looks better than the "correct" animations do!
Air 653... Yh i had this bug with udyr aswell but sometimes doesnt even let u heal or shield
Destaic... Wasn't expecting an Indigo Prophecy reference
Namorad... WW3 3:43
Don Sha... 1:51Fahrenheit!!!!!!
Ça?ata... Oh? So you like Kshaaway. Name every Wood division adventure.
MrTromb... btw recently you started to release new videos alongside with dota wtf (i dont like their videos for like 2 years, they are pretty shit) i just wanted to ask is that a coincidence?
Ornitri... 3:02 I legit thought that that fighting game moment was what this guy sent you XD
Tolawa... its just the best
Chelaru... I honestly thought he was jojo posing
Richard... At 7:21 the colour matches with the beat of the music. Great attention to detail :)
Laurent... New Udyr rework looks dope