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Kat Nap... If you'd like to help me keep the lights on and support my channel, you can donate over here:
Thanks x AND BLESS ALL OF YOU ANGELS ? that have recently sent me a donation, you're literally paying for the food on my table. ?
Karolin... ???
Sexymay... Greetings from Israel. I'm bipolar, ptsd, bpd. And enxiety. As if all of this not enough-I have 2 types of chronic pain. My life is hard and I envy so much healthy people. I wish I was healthy, life could have been so different. I'm alone with 4 cats. Work when I'm able to.
Eevee *... That was helpful! Thanks, dear!
•kons... Thank you so much for everything you do. You really make me feel better❤
Karol B... a Ty nie masz polskich fanów? jak to oO ?
gradjan... ? ❤️
Laura K... I am really glad You are on youtube xx Your videos help me a lot :)
Ms squi... Ireally needed this thank u soo much love??????
Prince ... Did you forget to come live yesterday? ?
ishak f... Great! Can you make a video about pure O Ocd and schizophrenia
ishak f... Thank you for your videos , that helped me a lot coping with my disorders ? thank you
Ragap M... Love you, love your voice, thanks for you.
fatimaz... Love your channel from morocco????
Gorgeou... you really inspire me tons specially with my own channel! ☺️?
Happy... Your channel is literally my saving grace. Thank you so much for helping.