Sariel&039;s 2020 Technic GIVEAWAY RESULTS! Sariel's LEGO® Workshop

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S...... Merry Christmas guys!
I wish you to find lots of cool Lego under the Christmas tree ???
Charley... I won one of the sets (on the employee's set review). I really thank you SO MUCH. I have been following you for now 5 years, and I always appreciated watching your videos, especially the SMWR.
Cheers and Merry Christmas!
Lucci I... how about trying a race, muffin vs some lego car
VATSAL ... Give Me A Heart And Pin Me
OB 02... Win a Lego set by getting 22 likes on a comment. Yeah, I'm quite jealous :D
Congrats to the winners!
Ivan V... Жалко я не понимаю по английски ( it's a pity I don't understanding English (
Only with the help of translator.
I'm from ??
Ignacy ... Merry Christmas, thank you!
I wanted to win, i guess that next year i will need think of better comments ;)
Chris W... what a nice dog!! give him sweets from me!
Priyans... Good bye
Senne P... i'm sad i didn't win but your videos are really cool
BiHFox ... Happy Holidays to everyone!
Cristia... Well that's nice Merry Christmas Winners !!!
Pat gam... I am so sad. I wanted one of this set so bad. Have you got another one?
Rakhi I... Aww, muffin is really cute
The name suits too
Merry Christmas!
Warszta... Congrats to everyone who won. Merry christmas
Bas Gee... Congrats to all the winners!
PinkiPa... I am from Slovakia it would be easy for shipping
repapet... Congratulations to every winner and Merry Christmas!
Plopi 9... Congratulations to all the winners!
erdmean... You give me ideas for my own projekts! Thanks!!