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My lastpilation of the best & funniest fail videos caught on camera in 2020! I tried my best to pick some awesome, funny, stupid and unexpected fails that will make you laugh! ► Subscribe for newpilations every Friday: Follow to stay updated on Social
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J G: First
POLARTTYRTM: 0:41 holy shit that looks painful! D: I feel sorry for the guy.
1:02 this is one of the most gracious things I've watched so far.
nove ckertarto: 13:43 I love that. Do you love me? ?? ??❤️
Enzoferr rari: 1:00 what did they put that into that bottle?? Mentos?? LOL
getsomepantson11: People filming vertically is terrible for this channel.
Dillon Ronald: Need lovely ?? ??❤️
Sarah Barton: 3:28 it’s John Hammond .
Francesco Cilio: 3:06 is what you call an expected ending.
BestiAnima: Stupid vertical videos
MonthlyFails: Happy Holidays everyone! ? This will be my last Fails of the Week Compilation for 2020 already. 2020 has been a hell of a year and I want to thank all of you who have been supporting me and helping me with this comeback by viewing, rating and commenting on the videos. It's a pleasure for me to produce these videos for you and I am always happy to read your comments, ratings and about everyone who participates in the live chat! I will make sure to serve you with new weekly compilations at least every Friday in 2021... perhaps even more often. But most important, I wish all of you a great start into 2021 and that all of you are doing well and having a good time! ?? Cheers!
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