DriveClub PS5 Mercedes Benz C 63 AMG Coupe Black Series Gameplay in HDR MotoGamesTV

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Dolunay... this game just amazing. Insane effects graphics..
Adam... Imagine a DriveClub 2 on Ps5 ?
LUKIII_... Hey Motogames - how to play with 60 FPS and HDR?
LePilot... How to download this game on Ps5 ?
Chris G... just the detail that the wheel can turn 1080° makes the game much better
Ozer928... It's not aging.
AZRZ GA... I think you gotta try Gran Turismo Sport on PS5
Thunder... This game needs 4K 60FPS patch ASAP
inserte... Its scary how real this looks...
Like_a_... just for this car i would get the game
XxGoldE... If the game doesnt have HDR then it wont have HDR on ps5..if it were on xbox series X itll have auto hdr.
hh... OMG this game..
Lucas C... Imagine playing this at 4K and 60fps. Sadly we can only imagine ?
Sic Sem... i skipped ps4 gen but i really wanted to always try driveclub. sucks that its never going to receive sequel or a ps5 patch. Kinda looks like shit when i sit close, running it on ps5 haha really wish they could continue its such a fun game
Ma?cin... Ten Driveclub wersja pudełkowa na PS5 normalnie działa?
Yourgra... I want drive club 2
Deadly ... one of the last good racing games.
these days there are 2 types of racing games, 1- Forza horizon and 2- the rest.
Forza horizon is great and all but goddamn I'm getting tired of playing it for so long.
Keke Lo... How do you get this game
Street ... Czemu DC jest na PS5?
Miało zniknąć?
Suad Ha... If only DriveClub had an open world brother