Long War 2 Let's Play XCOM 2 Part 79 Massive Death - r0s_q

Wee to Long War 2! This is an 2 Let\'say series with the Long War 2 mod. Long War 2 is a total conversion mod for 2, featuring a much longer campaign, infiltration mechanics that require multe squads at once, managing resistance havens, nine soldier cla
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iShotLethal: First! Love all your videos, my daily dose
Il Ronny: Oh god marbz, what will happen here? You are scaring me!
(Commening before watching)
Ok i will enjoy this episode. Thx for putting it up bro!
tkmjees: Now there's an ominous title.
Demonyc: Operation You're Fucked
Zvrkinjo Games: I laughed like an idiot when Marbs failed that drone hack, the amount of salt and "It's too well shielded", "No it's not" made me laugh so much, as well as "Is it clear?", "No we're not clear, not even remotely close". I love all of Marbs' XCOM 2 vids, but episodes like this is what makes you great
James Grant: 29:15 Foolproof method for detecting Marbs' frustration in 3... 2...
MrLegendari0: "At least he's targeting civilians instead of me"
- Marbozir 2020 -
stars n muffins: Bradford's getting pessimistic with the operation names lmao... but not inaccurate. :p
saneman100: i can swear that ive had the same exact terrain on one of my missions but all the buildings and objects where different.
Nukesova: What`s next, Operation Lost hope and Operation Total Bullshit? lol You got to love the mission naming in Xcom 2.
Six: lol, yes, i saw that one... go you!
mineben256: Wow... Bradford just officially declared his purpose with the operation names...
OldDood: Good Gawd when I saw the Episode Title I thought to myself: "What squad just got wiped out?" LOL
flobbingdonkey: LOL @ 30:10 Marbozir getting shirty with his troops
Paul Elderson: A burning chryssalid is basically harmless, since it can't melee attack while burning.
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