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Wee to Battle Brothers a turn based tactical RPG, which puts you in charge of a mercenarypany. Battle Brothers gamay includes tactical battles as well as procedurally generated open world. I\'maying the release version of Battle Brothers and discuss som
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Yin Chan: Consider to develop hybrids?
Zach Gutman: hey man I just want you to know I'm really enjoying the series, thanks for covering it. I never would've found about this game otherwise
stars n muffins: The forest maps are such a major pain... awesome work Marbs. :3
cinefreak: I've been seeing some of Battle Brothers campaings, and a very simple way of making money is to buy goods like copper and cloth when their prices are good.. and than you sell them off on a larger city.. you can make some nice money with that
Brad Thom: Marbs. To be honest when you started this game I thought it looked like crap. But it turns out I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for a great time. The only thing I want you to change is.. make longer episodes!
Darcy Reburiano: "These stupid trees." Marbozir's comments always make me laugh!
kglew2011: One tip, Marbozir: You can tag items in the inventory to be repaired without actually equipping them. That way you can repair salvaged armor without having to wear it or risking your team by wearing half-broken armor.
Art887: You having fun with this game Marbozir? Think you'll play it for long?

 hope so, keep up the good work
Ethan Muri: Ranged soldiers just seem so ineffective. Do they get a big power surge later? At the moment it seems like more melee would be more beneficial.
Donkey Kong Jr.: the people cry for MORE!!!
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