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How to make a Harry Potter cauldron. Support/JOIN : Epoxy Resin Gallant Art Epoxy: Short Guide about EPOXY RESIN: My store: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: TUMBLR: YOUTUBE: Banggood: 1. 10mm lathe tool set: 2. Christmas Deals: 3. Screwdriver
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???? ????: جميل جداً استمر ??❤️
Wiktor .M: Wreszcie zaczołeś mówić xd
Legod Dü?ünceler: When I hear your voice I am get so confused and I listen like 10 times
James B.: I definitely wasn't expecting to hear your voice
Jaunstep w: FIRST TIME I HEARD YOU TALKING. Good voice. But can you please make a sword stocked in real stone ? Can you make it? Pls
Diy Resin Art: The lighting effect in the pot is very nice, I really love it ? Nice video, thank you
all music player: Omg you talking so nice❤❤give me a ❤
sundar mann: Oh! So you can talk.
Dini Insyirah: Your resin cauldron is very realistic and very SPOOKKY and very HALLOWEENY.????(;?????????
Ketty M.: Wooow I'm listening your voice, for the first time???
Jai Bhanot: Thanks for making that I am a Potter head.......
Judy H: You have a voice! I think the voice-over and captions were both fine, though I tend to pay closer attention if I hear something that catches my attention ("oh my cauldron exploded" or something, idk). With captions I get distracted doing something else and end up missing the video sometimes. But they're both fine
Skeptical: Voice?
deepsha: omg voice reveals...? awesome buddy....
??rio M?rio: Great!!! Reminds me of Asterix and the Magic Cauldron xD
Saumitra Singh: So,u can speak.????
Irka P: Wow?❤?
Chrissyliz1988: ok mind blown on hearing jedrek29t’s voice for the first time since following him
jedrek29t: You can also visit and subscribe to my brothers' channels ;-) and buy a beginner's guide about resin

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