UNLISTED SOON SFM Medic vibes too hard and a soviet man stops his shmoove - Hoovy Tube

Music: HOWLIN\' WOLF DUST MY BROOM LIVE 1966 Little Richard Baby (Take 1)
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Galo the Chilean: 'Is this about Poland'

NotASpyReally: The medic is very weird...

He is so in character!
Martin Nikolai: How could you stop his shmoove hoovy, truly immoral
Eileen Ramirez: God I love the way you animate ?
Silent Fox: On the end, i promise it will happend to someone
Mark M8: Plan you uber i punch baby siper with bullet
Shit Post status: Bruh im from poland -:(
Olivia Figueroa: You should add captions, it’s a bit tricky to understand at certain points. Just a suggestion, love your animations. :)
LordVader1094: Why is this being unlisted tho
ReadyToPlay: Please tell me you didn’t kill off Gibus Boy.
Ludwig The Dwarf: May God bless you and America
OverDriv3567: Respect
?????? ?????????: If you aren't subscribed to hoovy tube a heavy cinder block will fall on your head on the 5th of april 10:25 am [est]

sounds dangerous
Chargedcommando: Thank god I am subscribed. Now a cinder block won’t fall on my head
WarP: honestly, i love this series and can't wait for the next part my only problem is the sentence mixing but that could be fixed with subtitles
Gui e Rick Sousa bi-gamers: Hambúrguer
Jalin Padron: I’m subbed plus I wouldn’t want to die after my birth day april 4th
Home Slice: Thats why I like stock medgun
doktor oktoberfest: Is this about Poland XD
Hoovy Tube: I recommend my music playlist if you want more music like in my videos: /watch?v=u0Ujb6lJ_mM&list=PLdWxIcNTL_v25joDcWp5-JO7IDmT9ncvr
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_DcDt8Z_N4