Mutant Giant Spider Dog 2 SA Wardega Halloween Prank - SA Wardega

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Shubham Sharma: Don't these dogs Bark??
Kanchan Rawat: 1:21 that guy didn't even mind peeing in the toilet filled with blood.
jarkowy: Fajnie by się oglądało następną część :)
Bhryll Maata: Those dog are sick!!! Damn costume dude?
Rebeca Rodriguez: тй еюдпс тис а
Rebeca Rodriguez: ноце юоююус
FiLiPeK: co ja do diabła wogóle oglądam?
Aya Mohsen: Hi, Can I use 10 seconds of this video with full credit to your channel?
Foxtrot gaming: Plz do spider dog ?
Wikachu TV: 3:10 super mural w tle xD
Tom B.: Great videos. Tons of work & training went into these.
But please, keep the background sounds down! If possible, their screams & sounds would be even more fantastic IMO.
Karl Manning: Realistically, I think I would pass out!
Peter Pan: Nice realy nice:)
yuri from ddlc: So adorablee
Tost Malone: Sukcesu chyba nie da się podrobić
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