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Continuation Featurette | Marvel Studios&039; The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Disney Marvel Entertainment

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d6Sc0RZyTQ

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X Fear... Marvel will forever be forgotten by this generation
Gryphon... Having not seen the first episode, I wonder if there will be a conversation between Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson about racism. Steve Rogers was Irish Catholic and would've felt through stories from others like his mom, if not himself, the discrimination against the Irish in the 19th and 20th centuries. Bucky's perspective hasn't been established in canon but fans view him as also Irish Catholic or Jewish. Hearing his experiences of growing up in New York, or working with the Howling Commandos next to Sam's.
David R... Plot twist: redwing is actually Mephisto.
Aalia K... Normal people’s fears: Drowning, Heights, Death.

Bucky’s fear: Mission report December 16 1991.
Abhishr... Just bring back captain
gonzalo... ????
Stan 1D... You know what, Marvel is recycling the same scene clips but I don't think I will ever get tired from watching them :)
A norma... It's only 6 episodes?! This is ridiculous! I want more eventhough I only watched the first ones!
prathi ... Probably nobody of these 2 will become the next Captain and at the end someone else will come up and pick just for another spin off .... Time to see if im wrong !
SteelBo... This show is awesome
Suman D... ❤❤❤awesome❤❤❤???
SnyFlem... Anyone know the runtime of episode 2?
Your Mo... Steve didn't abide by "Bros before Hoes", look what happened.
Sweta B... need to see sam in that suit ASAP
DanRekz... To be honest im not even excited each week for each episode because this show should be meant to release all episodes at once. WandaVision released one episode per week because it had mystery to it. This show does not.
Hans Ra... Just can't wait ??
VAGGELI... We don't care if Sam is black, white or green we just care for him to be the great character he is
Kiran J... Is you ready?
Wade Wi... Please upload fast
Cap Gam... tomorrow is my last exam