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Friends | Marvel Studios&039; The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Disney Marvel Entertainment

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BunnwXfqwMg

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So I Sa... RIP Redwing
Rest In Pieces, that is
So I Sa... My only 'gripe' so far is that sometimes the script seems to force the quips when the actors natural chemistry doesn't really demand it. But that's just finding something to criticize. Otherwise, the show is providing a lot of great depth to characters like the Falcon whose screen time was limited in the MCU efforts. It's great to see how Anthony Mackie really embellishes the Falcon and makes him relatable.

And I never once considered whether Bucky was right or left-handed. That's a handy fact to know!
mia_mw_... "friends" okay marvel ?
eloise ... sure marvel "friends"
Mike Ne... I can also see Bucky in the last episode going to Wakunda to mentally relax. Calling himself the White Wolf I can see Bucky calling himself that and burying the Winter Soldier name forever
Mike Ne... By the last episode I think Sam and Bucky will f
refer to each other as Brothers
itz Juk... To the person who is reading this, don’t give up on your YouTube channel. Keep going it’s going to get better.???
HB init... I like white panther tho. not gonna lie?
Blayzue... Sam: Why didn't you use the metal arm?
Buck: I'm right handed
Cecil G... What's the song playing in the bg?
Thunder... It's funny how Bucky's physically strongest arm is also his non-dominant arm.
warrior... Yes friends ?️‍?✨
Prince ... Bucky was a soldier, but also a good scorer. We need to see "the real bucky"
KawaiiS... This show keeps getting better and better :)
Abigail... What friends !! I started shipping Sam and bucky?
ThePand... You mean old married couple right?
Anto Tr... Fyi bucjy has Kiss a dude in covenant (2006) film lol
Nathan ... I watched the first two episodes of the series and it was ??????.
Univers... I just can't wait to see sharon on this she's such a great character on the comics
Chico L... Anybody feel like they put more energy in wandavision then this show