Polish Tango 1930: Tadeusz Faliszewski Pierwsza miłość My First Love 240252

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYOyXqRocMs

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udo gae... very nice!
Louis P... This music is quite beautiful, even without the beautiful pictures which accompany it. Thank you for sharing both Gregor!!! Your friend, Jon. :^D ? LP
Bonnie ... 0:26
Melvyn ... Woman in those days knew how to dress elegant.
Melvyn ... Beautiful song and people from a now lost era.
TheRuck... Perfect
Maria P... Very nice and excellent photos to accompany the music!
Scott F... Great tango and video with beautiful actresses. Greetings ??????
Francis... A Lovely tune to listen to
Anon us... Poinient, especially given the story of his life.
Tadfaft... I now wonder if any of these polish films of that era can be easily viewed in English.