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NEW Advanced Tech Suit in Marvel&039;s Spider Man: Miles Morales! | Marvel Let&039;s Play Marvel Entertainment

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nahADtJiN5s

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Nikhil ... i love this game a lot
ARTHUR ... Okay... does anyone else think this suit looks like a suit from Tron Legacy? The dots on near the hands and feet. That’s literally what the suits from Tron look like
Circuit... just wish the eye border was red, this would be perfect!
Kenny V... Oke cool, now release both Spidermans on PC so you can make a fuckton of money Sony.
Kenny T... This game need way more suits and bonus missions that u can buy but overall the game is realllyyy good I hope in the next game Peter will be able to do tricks like miles
Jeetu j... My father is very ill, pray that he gets well soon ?????
Eclipse... Even marvel couldn't find a PS5
Fatma A... OMG, i can't wait
Vanesa ... ??????
??????... Team nocturnal
Victor ... ngl.. red and black is a pretty good combo
xxnike6... How about a standalone, physical release of Marvel's Spider-Man on the PS5?
???... Wow i am lucky
Dean Os... Okay?
El Otak... Una pregunta quién más sólo saber hablar español latino aquí
Mercy G... That glow-in-the-dark thing with the suit is nice
Real An... ❤❤
Arthrit... I was wondering why I had a new suit all day, I just completed new game plus again and just thought it was a unlock missed or something
Shilpi ... Love you frome Bangladesh ??????
XRain G... Hope they add dlc