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theflight2077.mp4 Skyper

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXcfDosW4QE

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CandyNo... Oh my banana's this is ?
Blackbe... WOWWW
Ana Alu... It's amazing a d sorry we late
Peanut ... GUESS WHAT!

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grexoxo... this is very beautiful ?
Autisti... The future is here!!! ❤️??
Lionche... Surprising it wasn't an April fools
Malak ... OMG it sounds so wonderful, loved it!
Gracie ... I literally love all ur songs you have made
luc... this is probably my favorite flight
?z?K?o?... Golddd
Softsir... Can I just say Skyper makes some of the best songs? Like, I find myself listening to these songs, when I'm sad, vibing, cleaning, literally just breathing. That takes sheer talent. I am in awe by your skills, my good artist. Keep up the amazing work. Now excuse me as I am completely awestruck ❤️
Scorpio... Please make more the flight songs
Scorpio... I love this
AtmoSto... I was expeting a joke video, but DAMN is this a BANGER
Yu Qi W... lets gooooo!
Psyched... In 2077 I'll be 72 years old. And i surely will still be listening to this masterpiece. (^_-)<3
`Jord... we:
The flight XI
The flight XII

Skyper: The Flight 2077
D.T.R. ... This is great
Exporiu... can you take the orginal 'the flight' first version and make it a sad version by slowing it/pitch maybe a dash of remixing? that would be absolutely epic. you're amazing!!