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Platovic High Town Illumi Music

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVFqtWRD5Iw

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Illumi ... Just go to high town! ❤️
T.d.M M... Nice one! <3
Willi G... Im like nr. 12 and comment nr. 5
ABDUR R... U need a raise bro
Zequenc... early gang :D
DsG-???... Go song "Look at me" XXXTENTACION?
EXON... Music makes people happier, and it doesn't harm them. Most things that make you feel better are harmful. It's very unusual. It's like a

drug that doesn't kill you.
?????? ... ?
Boruchi... Eargasm :D
Yve Han... Wow!
urchtf... Haven't heard this "aggressive" Deep House in a while, last one I remember is from Paige around 2016.
Nostalgia hits right now.
Willi G... That kind of Music i love the most is trap, slap House and Deep House soooo ??
Perki... This is exactly the kind of sound we want
ButtonP... Loved this one <3
Nadia C... ???????????????
SASO... Hi from Brazil ??
This Channel is Awesome
I watch since 2016

Say "SALVE" for me

"Salve" like a "WASSUP"
Young R... Its good song
Wanderl... Perfect music for the Easter Bunny to hop around to ?