My DNA test results SHOCKING MyHeritage vs. Ancestry results VLOG Kult America Kult America

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Kult Am... ⚠️ What is your ancestry? I'd love to know where everyone watching is from!! :) ❤️
Benjami... Mostly english and German, some scottish mixed in
Rusty S... I'm mostly of Irish ancestry and we know little about my dad's side. Either my great grandfather or 2xGreat Grandfather came here from Northwest Ulster. My 2x great grandfather fought in WWI and I've only seen one photo of him as a kid in an army uniform. At the time I couldn't tell if it was British or American. My great grandfather was crippled in WWII and kind of abandoned my paternal grandfather, so we know little about them. On my mom's side I did learn that I am part Scots Irish/ Northern Irish Protestant who's branch got disowned for marrying a Catholic around the 1860's. Nothing surprising came out of my test. I'm so white that the test should've come with an appointment for a skin cancer screening. My dad is 96% Irish and Scottish and I'm about 85% Irish and Scottish with the rest being British, German, Swiss and Finnish/Scandinavian. Which makes sense because one of my great grandmothers was Irish American and her family's ancestral county is literally named after the word viking/vik. The German and Swiss come from my mom's side.
Anne To... I would think that the Romans who ruled in the UK is how you got the Italian and Middle East DNA.
Ocean G... Europe should only be for europeans.
Jacob D... Pozdrawiam ❤
Arkan I... From Iraq
you are the best