LEGO Technic 42064: Ocean Explorer speed build in 4K 360° - HOLOCRON

Released: 2017. Pieces: 1327. Building time: 2 hours 40 minutes. Price:£74.99 / 89.99€. Full review with normal speed build:
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Double_ Clone: Haha at 4.10 u made an mistake?
Double_ Clone: Btw, Why did they make an working rudder(Dont know if written corectly, asume u know What I mean) But not an working steering option
Double_ Clone: Where did u learn to operate a crane? ?
Makko: RRS Technic McTechnicface

On a different note, this seems like a more "play" orientated set than usual. Interested to see what you make of it in the review.
TheMaxus24: what is the format of 360 video?
Nick TTG: Can the ship be power functions upgradable?
bob taco: does it come with any navy blue 5x11 panels?
Commodore Ahasan: Ever think of making a Patreon page to fund your LEGO parts, video equipment, etc.? It might be a good idea.
luckychespin 101: Sooo awesome do more of this 360 cam!
Ngoc Nguyen: Looks like you hang the fenders (the white-and-blue things with strings) on the wrong side. Ships always dock on the left, so they only have fenders on the left. The fenders are used to prevent damage on the side of the ship when it docks.
M M: sariel zrób robota pirotechnicznego
Benjámin Péter: Look at the thug life glasses! 12:20
Tászler Marcell: Can I do a LEGO technic rewiev with pictures and video which contains LEGO logo without I buy LEGO brand rights?
Dave Woodbridge: You have put the load line stickers on the wrong sides.
Darth Vader: Wow 360º video is damn cool!
Vicdino777: OMG finaly lego makes a TECHNIC ship!
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