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3D Hologram Project from Clear Epoxy / RESIN ART jedrek29t

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UCkFWFJcwE

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Adam... Please can you stop random effect for said suscribe
krzychu... Zdradzi pan w koncu gdzie mozna kupic taka plekse?
R S7... Can you make an epoxy resin of Cristiano ronaldo.
Grammy ... ? Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA ?
Make Ra... Elaborate with beautiful results
Noor Am... Omg it looks so real!

Luv your arts very much ?
R S7... Wow..superb job!?
Kevin L... im actually a bit confused. both figure and the box is actually made of epoxy resin. so both should have similar refractive index. but yet, how are we able to see the figure with the light on ? unless if the figure have slightly different resin thickness than the box. i dunno
Kristen... Wow that is the best most unique resin art I've seen on you tube thank you you're so talented ❤ ?
Prabhat... And that's why the community post was not making us april fool...
funilcl... jedrek29t GANHOU + 1 GOSTEI Brasil (SC)
?????? ... Why 12 dizlike??
YANAR N... Magnifique...j'adore, merci pour la vidéo
Lingara... please shout out me
Sadhana... Wow incredible ? u r very talented person I?it I'm Indian
Mukesh ... 5:35 elsa
Randee ... Oh my god, I watched you make it and saw you pour the resin and then it disappeared. When you turned on the light, it was amazing. Way to go. ????????
Mukesh ... Please make bonsai tree in resin