When a Bug gets you Penta Kill... Vandiril

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7s5Ka2x2iw

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DogEatT... Darius: Prepare for trouble!
Yasuo: And make it double!
Joshua ... Yasuo's passive: not only does he double his crit chance, he doubles his deaths as well
Mat Pl... I think it happens similarly to the bug with kayn not getting plate gold if he destroyed them while casting w while being a shadow assasin. Yasuo had similar situation where while ulting he spawned a "shadow" that got the gold for plate and not Yasuo himself. Something similar is probably happening here and his "shadow" counts as another kill.
Simpon ... i think it is just another level of feeder yasuo
nothing new for average yasuo btw
G... A Bug gave him a penta by leaving another bug alive
how ironic...
ikea321... This is riots implementation for those pesky rats running away denying you a penta kill when you clearly get it. Never again will you get a quadra and the last enemy survives with 20 hp in the fountain
Sosrus ... Darius hit yas with enought strenght to kill her twice.

Nothing wrong for me
Immanue... Darius killed him so hard he got 2 kills
Saftbla... Yeah kha is a bug
Beekay... so what would happen if he is killing kha then ?
Ransley... Kha zix: Am I joke for you?
Cizo... Kill Yasuo two x
Devrim ... Wait wha
Jonatha... Question is, did Yasuo get two deaths or only one?
Claw St... Oh fuck I almost thought it was my own first pentakill moment when I saw the God-King Darius skin and the battle taking place at drag, then my face dropped when I noticed it actually ain't my one. Sad moments B(
Minh Nh... sekiro: yasuo die twice
chireta... meanwhile riot dont give me penta bcuz i killed 2 people 10 secs later
benji 2... Outplayed by riot games 2: Darius' fixed electric boogaloo
RedCat-... Ah yes, yasuo feeding more than any other could, that's real technic.
Tiago C... Oh no he sped up yasuo's power spike! Now he can get to 0/10 in half the time!