LEGO Twin radius Tank Steering System with INSTRUCTIONS Sariel's Bricks & Pets

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Jackie ... cool
Adrian_... Who the flip has two servo motors ( rhetorical )
Soleil ... Hmmmmnm cool
Indra K... Great Representation!, How about dual differential Transmission?
Moses A... I like this more than the subtractor
David R... That so cool
Gufo_Ta... I did not knew the T55 had a so simple steering system.
Using gear ratio to steer is a thing already present on the Mark 1, WWI
Some WWII german tanks had already a double differential steering (that is essentially the subtractor)
InfoBlu... We both uploaded at an hour’s interval...nice
Jachu P... Ostatnio T55 wyciągał John Deere z błota
Ten czołg jest popularny w ostatnich dniach
splatni... Bruh my guy drove a tank
Thomas ... thx for good work :)
Grant S... Tanks always are fun to mess around with the controls of!
Racerna... Really interesting concept. I personally struggle greatly with substracters. The last one that I used worked perfectly - until I finished the model and the added weight meant that the motors were turning each other.

PS: Using thin gears in combination with the XL-motor always gives me anxiety. To many brave gears fell to this foe
DaVinci... Nice i will keep this design in my mind for future builds
Lego Te... ?
L3g0 Fa... 1:48, thats not just any ugly tank... its ugly enough to count as a tonk
redshoe... Clever mechanism, I might use this in future projects!
M.L... Nicee
Bert Ku... Great idea, thanks for sharing the building instructions.
Crayzym... cool mechanism!