BMW M3 Competition 2021 Easy to Handle 510 PS RWD sedan ENG Test Drive and Review Marek Drives

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Radu B.... Man you are funny! ?
The M3, what can I say?... Mad colours. Inside and out!
J B... Is this made for the Green Hornet ? Horrible
ashley ... As always a great review Marek. Thanks for your forthright critique. Bada Bing Tony!
Stefan ... Marek nobody loves this, give us low budget cars! ( I am joking, but I am family man and the only what maters is trunk and back seat room :) )
Ali M. ... It's like the iPhone compared to what an Android phone can do
But nice conclusion of you Marek ?
numbere... That's only 7cm shorter than the original SEVEN- series.
Rubio E... Excellent conclusion of the review; ?
Andrei ... Nice one Marek! This car is dope, however I prefer 330i or 330d
Real Na... Barely could afford a second hand Toyota here, this is too fancy for me.
Lorenzo... This car is Dope! plus the amazing review.
Maciek ... naissssss