BRUTAL DOOM v21 Dox Why They Die? 100% SECRETS Martinoz

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Martino... Secret 1 - 00:35

Secret 2 - 02:20

Secret 3 - 06:00

Secret 4 - 09:00

Secret 5 - 10:45

Secret 6 - 15:15

Secret 7 - 19:00
Why They Die? Well, it's simple because this map is a purely fantastic experience to have and endure in some places but in overall, one of the maps that I've ever played in the last couple of years, high five to the creator. It has over 320 monsters that you will have to encounter (some of them might be simply skipped), fun thing that the most difficult part of the map is simply the beginning that might be a little bit too hard. BUT if you become familiar with the beginning, next parts of the map will be surely a breeze - even when you have to encounter such annoyances like Arch-Viles, Spider Masterminds or Cyberdemons (pretty much anything). The map is divided in three sectors - first you have a techbase layout where most of your enemies are these not-so-demonic and annoying such as former Zombies and Imps with Pinkies, Revenants and Mancubi are quite scarce. Next part is a marble like fortress surrounded by lava, this is the smallest part of the map and in my opinion the easiest one of the three, except one Arch-Vile and lots of Cacodemons there is nothing too difficult here. The last part is also the longest, welcome to the Hell itself - pools of blood and lava are waiting for you, together with the worst annoyances such as Lost Souls, Barons of Hell and of course a boss fight at the end. This map has a total of seven secrets to explore - three of them are located in Techbase area (two are really early), two at the marble fortress and two final secrets are hidden in Hell part, the last one is for a boss fight. Secrets are pretty much mandatory if you aim for picking up backpacks early, also the only available BFG comes from a secret place, together with early Megaarmor and the only one Invincibility Sphere at the end of the map. The Invincibility Sphere gives you pretty much a walk in the park feeling during a final arena with Cyberdemons and dozens of monsters nearby, you have a lot of time to clear everything before finishing the level. By the way if you switch to the Dragon Breath shells fire mode for your Super Shotgun in Dox Addon, never forget about switching to buckshot in point blank range, it kills you instantly at full health.
Monrovi... 8:24 I think that zombie was taking a smoke break.
The Swa... When I saw the arachnatron on the ceiling I was like "oh efff you"
I hate spiders enough, but spiders in ceiling? :[
Roberto... To answer the wad's question, I believe "because you keep shooting them" is an acceptable answer.
Patriqu... the voices of the enemies is cool like the first brutal DOOM, and the screams of the IMP is better in the DOOM 3 version. the video is cool.
Monroe ... 6:15 I know Arachnotrons are mechanicalised spiders, but don't you think they wouldn't walk on the ceiling due to all that weight?
Kaled M... You still use Reshade like PB and if you do, how do I get it to run with GZDOOM?
NombreG... my favorite part is when imp go aaaaaaaaggggghhh
Hebi Ha... Still wonderful as usual!
And what is the preset you use for reshade, Mart?
Leönel... you are great Martinoz
Shiki R... Because demon die when they killed.
Paladin... 1st