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singers... I wish everyone a good day
el meno... The video has just been released and I think a low-value coin will at least double in value if big investors invest.
Chitran... Great video! So rare to find an actual legit moonshot. Everybody just wants to shill their 20M MC projects lol
Ate5... I am very happy to find the narrated video of this coin, I really believe it will be very lucrative for me.
Anwesha... I bought my little few thousand DogeBSC to go along with my DogeCoin.
Muharre... How do you find these new coins early? what research tools are you using?
Üçgen... I think its value has already started to increase, thanks to this video, dogebsc will travel to the moon.
LOSKO... Bitcoin the future, investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment
io euro... bought
Manik K... DOGE BSC IS GOOD :)
Adel hm... bought
Vartan ... borys :[
123 123... Dog-E-B-S-C LMAO WHAT?
hasan y... hi Alien, I am Dima:)
Big Com... PitBull bro Review
Ege Da?... i love trading on pancake swap site and therefore i will buy dogebsc tokens
YUSUF G... I was looking for a good coin to invest in, now I found the coin to invest and I will invest immediately.