DUSTED PANDEMONIA A Nail In The Skin of The World 100% SECRETS Martinoz

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1mA2GvfZ5E

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Martino... Secret 1 - 01:45

Secret 2 - 02:05

Secret 3 - 05:35

Secret 4 - 08:15 (You must use these pillars to reach a switch for a red skull key)

Secret 5 - 10:35
So, another gameplay mod this time - Dusted's Pandemonia gives you reworked arsenal together with some other new weapons (Streetsweepers, Railguns, Dark Launchers, BFG10k, Dual Missile Launchers etc.) and monsters. On the other hand we have an aesthetically beautiful map from smeghammer, A Nail In The Skin Of The World / Hammerfall - quite short level with 130+ monsters but surely breathtaking and really difficult to survive. The level immediately begins with alerted few Imps, thankfully you are separated from them with walls and pillars, press a FIREBLU switch next to you and you will enter a center of this map, a Courtyard. Watch out for the Barons of Hell and Hell Knight on top of the metallic pylons (both of them hold skull keys, one of these pylons has Megasphere), these can simply bombard you if you are not aware of them. Defeat some Imps and press a skull switch on the wall, it will open a weapon stash below the Courtyard - it also counts a secret area that you must always visit, still get the ammo from stash and grab a backpack. One of the corridors also has a Megaarmor that counts as a secret, it is great for you to grab this one as fast as possible - health and armor pickups are extremely scarce here, basically this is only one of the Megaarmors here. When you have to grab a yellow and blue skull keys (lower the pillars by pressing FIREBLU switches) it's good to pick both of them at the same time - it's easier to provoke infighting between Imps and Pinkies here. As I mentioned earlier, health pickups are really scarce here so with Pandemonia's monsters it's even more difficult - try to avoid both groups, because Pinkies here can fire projectiles and some Imps are stone-skinned. The Plasma Rifle and red skull secret are tricky - do not lower a pillar with Megasphere completely, use the pillars to reach both of these items, because they are surely great, especially Plasma Rifle with 600 cells. Once you eliminate all of the Hell Knights at Courtyard, move to the caves below and grab another Megaarmor with some ammo, from that part you can safely finish the level with going even lower to the exit location.
Roberto... That sky, though, it was giving me nausea
giovann... Hi bro, look, I don't usually comment on your DOOM videos, but you do an excellent job making them, and I would like if when you make a DOOM video, and is using a DOOM 2016 or DOOM ETERNAL wad or music mod, you would put the link for it download hehe, well to make the game enjoy a little more with that type of music or atmosphere.....
holy sh... holy shit the thumbnail saturation
ozzyman... New aliens. Cool.
Nugrost... Dusted Pandemonia v2.1 is finally out???, I just know on zdoom is V2.0
UltraVi... Pandemonia is great! Be on the look out for Pandemonia 2.1 full release with a brand new armor system! It looks awesome :)
DANiO... Try Complex DOOM: Clusterfuck ;)
A_D_M_E... I see you're finally giving Pandy some love
Angel C... those weapons looks cool as hell :000