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Patti C... I like Oprah but I never understand it. He’s a great singer. Hope he wins. Fabulous voice !
Percy B... Gente, cómo puedo ver este programa en vivo. Estamos en Orlando, Florida. Alguien me recomienda y/u orienta cómo hacer?
Mohd Na... Can't understand even a single word. ?
LAS VEG... Didnt understand a word but has a great Oprah voice...
mh bech... OMG nice voice ??? i really like it
Draw Re... Channel dedicated to drawing:

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Cardei ... Din pacate are scăderi de tonalitate foarte mici. Am o ureche muzicală foarte fină si sesizez diferențele. Mă deranjează să aud note ,, pe delături", note ce nu sunt sesizate de toată lumea.
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Fikri A... People can't hear you but music can
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M4NGO... 5th comment
Tyjuan ... omg
TAC TOC... Can I gain a friend.
NJ News... hi
Joseph ... Very emotional, something only a great singer can achieve.