Project CARS 3 2019 NIO EP9 at Circuit Zandvoort Gameplay | Electric Pack DLC MotoGamesTV

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Rolling... Can’t wait to see the Porsche Taycan Turbo S video
! This game has some very exclusive cars
RickRac... Hi NIO.
Drysnui... Don’t let Hammond Drive It
Rori Ro... Awesome!!!
I can't wait to test the EP9!!!
Project Cars 3 is getting very good licenced cars! SlightlyMad is doing absolutely great with this game!
And very great video

I hope the SimRacing Community goes chill this time because Project Cars 3 doesn't desserve the hateful community
Aru Sak... Sprawdzę zaraz bo widzę, że jakiś prąd popłyną w PC 3?
HG504... Can't wait to see all these new cars in the new Forza Motorsport.
Carl TV... Nice to see Zandvoort finally getting updated in more games
DSG... It's like they gone backwards with this game to NFS Shift days.
{JANO_ ... I love this part of project cars ??
Ben Lec... First! ?
isreal ... Cool car
Micha? ... .