Indexed.Finance The best Defi Index Project! You have to see it! Charlie Gibona

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Charlie... Indexed.Finance - The best Defi Index Project! (You have to see it!)
William... The indexes looks really solid, thanks for the informative video man.
BTCmanT... If you can dream it, you can do it. BEST WORDS CHARLIE!
PizzerM... ETH TO THE MOOOON! Show me some eth tokens where i can invest because i made a lot of money by investing in eth!!!
?piewak... why can't i connect via trustwallet?
SHOTLiv... Amazing DeFi Project!
RICHBoy... Seems good, but i'm waiting for new token videos.
Paco Ra... interesting project, and the best performance
MANAGER... what crypto are you holding?
Nazarov... Can you make a video how you show the best tokens this month?
Wojt As... Love your Channel! Charlie good job!
Investm... Sounds interesting, can you link the telegram group here please?
essacoi... Great project!