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Can you FLASH over SENNA ULT? Vandiril

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqC100scyEw

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20 E0... Yasuo:?
Andrea ... to be honest senna ult is such a cool ability
Subhaji... it says senna r a projectile..but dont think i have noticed yas windwall blocking it..does windwall block it?..i dont play either yas or senna so not sure if it actually gets blocked..just wondering about it...
Just a ... But if it's a missle why can't Yasuo's windwall block it?
Asomdeu... can senna‘s team flash over the sheld?
Aarron ... There is so much clutter with her ult! Good shit
Sylvain... Dodge Sena ult ?
Not with my level of ping you don't
GHOST... people here getting surprised with 200 ping meanwhile i have been playing at 200 ping since i started playing LoL years ago :(
Eris Va... So... Windwall blocks Senna's R?
EhliAce... I think we already knew you could flash to the side though
?????? ... Y can't yasuo windwall it
Charlie... Ok but can an ally flash over Sennas shield part of the utli?
Yui Aki... flash over Lux ult
League ... Wow It's So Cool ?
Cyrill ... The Moment when Vandiril hacks a ranked Game to learn how to flash Senna Ult DAMN BOI
Es ist.... And they told me never to flash in a straight line ... xD
Lephent... gg but can u explain me where are this training room?
marios ... This works also with lux Q
zeyad m... I really want that practice tool multiplayer actually it's the thing I want the most in league rn :(
Stixin ... Hey Vandiril. Try walking over a caitlin trap with less than 5%hp after the caitlin gets collector....maybe this works with current mythics or other items

I got executed even though the caitlin was dead for atleast 5s and had no other on-hit items