Thank you your response to my previous video was overwhelming. :) Keeping my fingers crossed! If you\'re suffering from depression, it might seem things won\'t ever get better... but I promise they can! OPEN FOR MORE: find me on: my lingerie: m
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Pawel Aguila: You help me, but I don't wanna follow your advice, I feel good with my sickness
? Coesoh: I wish people knew what depression was actually like, it's not just sadness or a saying "I feel so depressed today" It's an illness
EU QIFF: I just want to be happy
1004 Subteam: I hope someone watch it and help me. I can't say a word.
Mecha Iroh: I don't have the money for help
MartinKull: Your face makes me UN-depressed instantly :D
Mohamed Ghoneimy: OMG .. you just capture my heart while you talking
MrWillibaldvongluck1: You are so beautiful and I love your accent. Hope you will consider doing a.s.m.r. sometime.
Sadistic Ways: Thank you.
Yasu: I need help. Can someone give me some hugs please? I don't know what to do with my life anymore
Dj f Vhhj: She is so pretty
iluminachi: i have severe depression for 13 years and sadly its still on. im going through suicidal thoughts but don’t talk about it because im afraid that people will make fun of me or not take me serious and when i get any treatment i hate socializing and having starting to convince myself that death is my only best answer since iv lost all motivation but i am scared of hurting my family that loves me and everyone calls me negative...i just hate everything
Hakim Kamaruzaman: Sorry for being late. i just found out this video and I would to ask a question.
I've been having depression since 2016 and recently I have not been feeling depressed for 2 weeks. To be honest, it felt really awkward. When I'm depressed, I want my depression to go away but when I'm happy, I felt awkward and want it to come back. It feels like depression has become a part of me.
My question is "Is it wrong"?
need A: Thank you for making this kind of video ❤
ROGER SCOTT: eating cookie wail watching . anyone as well?
Breanna Herrera: I was about to cry
Sophia Tully: I want to show my parents all of your videos so that they can see that I need help. They are in denial basically and say "oh you're just being over dramatic" or "come on stop seeking attention" and it kind of sucks but what can you do?
Luigi Phillbért: I just wanna say...... altough she's depress in this movie , she look really pretty? really attractive?
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