PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 Temple Portal 100% SECRETS Martinoz

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Martino... Lots of mods as you can see this time, I've added a PB Marauder addon to the monster roster that spices difficulty a lot, together with Sentinel Hammer addon that gives you a big boing to deal with monsters. Marauder can be spawned instead of an Arch-Vile, these guys are a real pain in the ass - ultradefensive monsters that can reflect your shots with their shields, they also deal a lot of damage in melee range, extremely resilient. On the other hand we have a Sentinel Hammer addon that is available at start, this beauty can KILL instantly almost anything with one swing, uses 200 energy per hit and can take down Marauder instantly, just the range is poor. Temple Portal is a quite large map with less than 500 monsters but surely a lot of places and room where you have to fight, the layout of the map is chaotic, you can find marble, techbase and hell textures here. The beginning of the map is not that hard, just press switches at the beginning to lower the bars - some of the cages have extra ammo and weapons, but for sure you must grab a blue skull key to progress through. Because map has quite a lot of Arch-Viles it is good to prepare your Sentinel Hammer when you hear a Marauder ready to beat you up, one hammer swing takes them down instantly when they lower their shields to attack you. The map is quite difficult because most of the fighting rooms are small and cramped, especially when you have to fight two Cyberdemons at once, these pillars + sudden Pinkies behind you can get you killed by surprise. You also have to fight against some troopers from Wolfenstein who wield MP-40 (of course weapon can be picked by you), these by far are really difficult to deal with, their accuracy is pinpoint and they love to strife. The only unofficial secret so far is that one Computer Map, Backpack spawn and Berserk Pack quite early while playing, the Computer Map is extremely handy because it is not so hard to feel lost in these corridors.
nobody ... i think its cool that the monster fight each other, wish they kept that in the new doom
Kaled M... Can you try the alternative weapon shots mod by eapro? It makes the weapon sounds more realistic.
I J... pew pew pew pew
Erica R... Good videos bro