HITMAN 3 THE ICONOCLAST Elusive Target Silent Assassin Suit Only Martinoz

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMbLNNhWyC8

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Martino... Run starts at 01:20
This Elusive Target is really easy, all you need to do is just to grab the invitation from the Limousine's back or nearby one of the guests who is smoking. Once you show the invitation to the waiter, run to the party in the garden and approach the barriers on the edge of the map, there is your target waiting. But before you can eliminate her, just do the following - she is going to walk on the water puddle for sure, and this is one of the ways to eliminate her. Turn on the faucet and create a water puddle from it, then run to bump her (it will make her stop for a while) and move outside her point of view. Distract the civilian who will stand on the water puddle with the target (if he does, well, he is going to die), throw the coin to distract his attention. Run to the vegetation and hide, wait for the target till she steps on the water puddle, once she does just shoot at the electric lamp to electrocute her. Now all you have to do is just to escape the mission - there are a lot of choices, the speedboat and grapefield seem to be the best choices for you. Sportscar and Tactical Wetsuit are in quite dangerous places and getting key for a Sportscar + then escape is quite tedious, cave with wetsuit is also a long choice. If you have the permanent shortcuts unlocked, Speedboat is great because a path there is really simple, unfortunately you have to avoid some guards on your way. The Grapefield is also a good choice, all you have to do is just to avoid workers and walking Guachos, in case of distraction just throw coins. Oh and when you shoot at the electric lamp, do not stand in way of incoming guards to investigate a scene, once they find you, 47 is Compromised instantly.
boorob1... Well played martinoz
Petar C... 2

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Potato... Hi