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We interrupt this timeline for a glorious purpose ✨ Marvel Studios\' #Loki arrives tomorrow with new episodes every Wednesday on Disney+. #CountdownToLoki ► Watch Marvel on Disney+: ► Subscribe to Marvel on YouTube: Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪ Like Ma
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Suman Das: Awesome ???
Leo Kreuzer: ... so he's a timelord now?
Professor X: As I understood it, Mobius will show Loki his future in the main timeline and that will influence him just a bit towards being a hero
Rishabh Bisht: I am more excited for this but suddenly I knows about this series they are not dubbed in Hindi
I west my money on Disney+ hotstar
God give you special treatment on hall
Astro Alicia: Marvel is basically feeding Us the day before
Moustache Mike: Title of Video: Help
Thor: He needs help! Get Help!
Abhiram Reddy: Everyone the MCU multiverse/parallel realities starts Tomorrow....And who better to welcome this advent than the God of Mischief:LOKI!!! connections to doctor strange 3, thor 4, spiderman 3, ant man 3
FALCON X GAMING: Tamil people want Loki series in Tamil language…It’s request of 3 crore people Tamil fans..
Nirmal R: We want Tamil dubbing soon pls ?
Abdul Akhir Ansari: Marvel movies is my favourite movie studio
fun fact: Why hindi trailer not release [email protected] entertainment
Ali Jeof. J.: So he's a time police? o_O
Abdul Akhir Ansari: I cried in avengers endgame while death of black widow and iron man ??????? rest in piece for black widow and iron man
Maggie: Who else is going to just stay up till 12 today and just be like "Welp, it's Wednesday, time for Loki."
Just me? Okay...
Tuesday Next: We are not doing get help
FAYSAL ?????: Friday hindi dubbed??
Sravya Kambham: I burdend with glorious pour pose to
Watch this series
Nicolas Marcdlo Vilca: Bye ?
Kenia Kerida: I'm ready for the glorious Loki... tomorrow ???????????
zoinksss: I really think this show is gonna serve as proof that Loki is just destined to be a good character. Redemption arc part 2 electric boogaloo.
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