PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 Aquatic Wonder 100% SECRETS Martinoz

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Martino... MAP01 The Eighth Sea is in Your Eyes - 00:00

MAP02 Wet Stuff - 06:50

MAP03 Poseidon's Trove - 13:15

MAP04 Mariana's Trench - 18:30

MAP05 Imaginarium - 22:30

MAP06 Shipwreck - 27:25

MAP07 For Whom The Diving Bell Tolls - 37:35
Aquatic Wonder is a 7 level long WAD with most of them being pretty short and sweet (from MAP01 to MAP05) with last two levels being somewhat longer, especially a final one with the biggest amount of monsters and secrets to find. The levels are created in the aquatic feeling (hence the name, duh), you will basically play inside oceans, when you look upwards you will notice that the skybox is basically a layer of water (I forgot about bubbles.wad, sorry!). First level is not that difficult because most monsters are pretty basic together with these annoying Germans that love to strife and pinpoint their MP-40 at you with incredible accuracy, just take care of them quickly. Second level is less complicated but introduces a way more annoying monsters like Mancubi, Revenants, Pain Elementals and Barons, thankfully in one of the secrets you will find the Plasma Rifle spawn and a Soulsphere to grab. Third map is really small with only between 70-80 monsters to fight, but this large arena can be dangerous if you do not move quickly from Revenants and Chaingunners fire, get the 3 secrets with Megaarmor and move to the next level. Fourth level, the Mariana Trench is the only map here without secrets - and for a good reason because this is mostly a level made of few arenas with Cyberdemon at the end, thankfully you can provoke Pain Elementals to fight him and exit the level. Next level is really interesting because we have to reach an exit in a vast open area with 3 secrets to find and a lot of monsters to fight - thankfully to a lot of place to move around, this map is not so difficult, quite fast to complete. Map number six, the Shipwreck is a small warning what might come to you in next level, this map might be confusing when you play for the first time, there are two ways how can you reach an exit of the map, both are not easy to overcome. And the last level... surely the hardest one where you must find some keys for an exit together with a really large boss arena fight where there are over 100 tough monsters including a Cyberdemon to fight, it's good to Save/Load here.
Molten ... Great video, thanks! MAP01 has definitely too much goddamn flies...
And thanks for reminding me to finally buy Mike Norvak's music over at bandcamp. It's really great.
radscor... I wish they didn't make pinkies such a joke in this game. Like its a demon with large teeth and huge muscles, and doom guy just punches it a few times and it falls over. Or takes one swipe with the axe and they explode. There should be a mod to make the enemies in this game more challenging. And while they're at it to silence the doom guy because its cringy when he picks up the chainsaw lol
Zweihan... Not sure if this has been pointed out but the animation for switching weapons from the black shotgun reskin is missing the sprites during the actual weapon swap animation, if you look closely the shotgun with a wooden handgaurd is what appears as the sprite.
????.... Has an awesome Atmospheric Metal Soundtrack !
typing ... I've always been a big fan of he nazi mobs that brutal Doom introduced. Specifically, I've always been a big fan of shooting them and have always wanted to see them used more casually in other maps/WADs.

It's all about their audio. Zombiemen muttering one liners doesn't have the same psychological impact as hearing some asshole constantly gibbering in another language as loud as they possibly can. The cultists in Blood have the effect along with the screaming kamikaze bombers from Serious Sam.
Soumyaj... The amount of blood and gore is so satisfying
Shiori... Beautiful!
InsaneG... KVLT AF. Keep it up
dave mi... I love your videos