NEW GAME MODE in League of Legends! Ultimate Spellbook! Vandiril

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SMILE... LoL: Can i copy your homework?
DotA2: No

Blind pick makes this unplayable btw.
X33 Ult... Is it literally any champion we choose, or give to us at random like aram?
Tabula ... Painfull to watch, that flash on F, please, for god sake !
Hei Ko... This mode for a long time ??
Chris G... So veigar with a karthus ult exists ^-^
muhxero... it's confirmed...
Riot is feeding our boi Vandiril.
Protect our frontliner against bugs at all costs.
are you... I thought it would be a pve gamemode :(
Samet O... Master yi + olaf R
anime S... Mundo bag
paquete... Grande Carles Puigdemont representando a Cataluña en el LoL
SonicXC... Yasuo with Gragas ult and Yuumi with Malzahar ult, i love it
Kyle... Katarina with Olaf's Ultimate.... HMMMMMM, ME LIKEY VVV MUCH
Amro Ho... Reminds me of custom hero clash from dota2 lol
RandomB... Imagine if they add up some urf mode here
greycat... "please use normal reporting channels like youtube videos and we'll take a look when we can"

confirmed that Riot uses Vandiril videos to attempt to fix bugs.
Calel... Pls when it’s out try to make the biggest champ ever if u can have good combo like zac + chogath
Funnyme... vayne with twitch ult. im fkin scared
Walter ... Late veigar with karthus ult instant penta lol
Leon Sc... Master Yi with Olaf or tryn ult ?