Ultimate Spellbook Malphite Vandiril

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oynpXDDCguE

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???????... I know these modes are suppose to be fun but damn this is the biggest shit fest riot has ever made and I thought urf was stupid lol
FEED ME... ok, hear me out. Nautilus with malphite R
Alioch ... Viego just broke my game. Cho R go increasing every time he possess smne and go b to his self. The guy had 5 million hp

Aliochinprogress in euw if you wanna check
AngelXl... Vandril try this :
Take Mundo and hextech flash, while u r using the flash watch mundu's tongue, it's not a bug but it's interesting xd (I used pool party skin not sure if it's important)
Aquoa x... No one gonna talk bout mundo and trynd R ?
Fran... Is it on live servers?
Lemon n... i think im gonna have nightmares after seeing that mundo at 1:53 with tryndamere ult
Andrei ... When this gamemode will pe playable ?
Mae Mae... Imagine malph with yas ult or vice versa
123 123... Noc saying "WHY ME". You know why. You're just playing dumb to the reason why it has to be you.
Anthony... Ivern and Annie ult :0
Marzl M... thats a bug right riot? right?
Tomoya ... When the sun gets dark
the rock is hard
patoniu... amumu+fiddle?
Anderso... llamaz
Super G... Imagine Yasuo with Malphite Ult...
Luis He... Is this a new game mode!?!?
Totally... Malph running at you with his ulti across the map is the best thing i saw yet
Javier ... It would be cool to see yasuo with malph's ult
Gian Lu... everyone's talking about malph+noc... did you see the mundo with tyrn ult??? he's the final boss