Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJhAd_AC3CI

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DJ DEAT... Amazing , i loved it bro , keep going i love your beats , <3
Hernand... Like bro
FPR Bea... eita , monstro no comando da nave em ! teeeey
ORPHIC ... HEat ???
G7star ... You killed it brother well done
D.S. Re... Dobry bicior ziom ?. Samplowany czy produkcja od AdoZ? Pozdro
Sharon ... This is ?r close
NFN jos... Sheesh 'The vibe on this? beat is ??irresistible.
Dagiri ... Me gusta tu mejoría, gracias por tu trabajo?❤️?
Leonard... Heroin, Acid, ecstacy and alcohol
Weed and everything between, this family seems to love it all
Try to show my child a normal life, no more pipes
Filled with resin, let me bless him with the light of innocence

Fuck the messing with a brain altering chemical
Methodone clinics, no more sniffing crushed up Adderall
Stay focused from the beauty this world has hidden
If Shae did the same, there's a chance he'd still be living
Sonny seems to wanna go, take the jump to let's go
Everyone will let us know and still nobody'll listen
Cont Mu... please make an beat/instrumental with RAP from the years 2000-2009 in Romania
The Str... Melody nice
MC stri... ? this is niceee
Rap Bea... Great Beat ????
E- LOU... Faire??
The_Gre... That go hard I can rap on that beat shit
Boby Ku... Please send me new free old skool beats please
Natek D... Witam na bl9kach
Natek D... Siente
Natek D... Bumpik ekstra